Basic SEO Package

Basic SEO Package


This package suitable for a startup business website when rolling into the World Wide Web. You would need at least that your website appears on the Google / Yahoo search page results. Before your action, why do you need Basic SEO Package?

  1. To create a brand awareness when user searching relevant keywords to your website.
  2. To have a good potential of customers orders, ex. selling your products get easily search by online users.
  3. To improve your website & brand identity when your website always turn up to the result page when user attempts to search the relevant keywords.
  4. To bring confidence to your audiences that you’re take serious into your products, you’re not selling a simply products without any efforts.
  5. Suitable for any kind of websites, ex blogs, catalogs, media, corporate and etc.

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What does included into this Package?

  1. URL submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN search page.
  2. Keywords Analysis for Meta keywords, and Meta Descriptions.
  3. Google and Yahoo indexing for robot / spider.
  4. Pages, Contents, Images, and Links optimization for search engine.
  5. Follow Google and Yahoo search engine algorithms.
  6. Google Search Console set up.
  7. Google SEO Consulting and Knowledges.
  8. Inbound links provided.
  9. Content utilization only up to 10 web pages.
  10. 50% downpayment, 50% upon job completion.


Package Limitations

  1. No outbound link, example link up your website to 3rd party directories, blogs, social media & etc.
  2. No Google Ads, and Other Social Media Ads.
  3. No further SEO review.
  4. No 3rd party paid plugin available.
  5. Limited to only web platform – WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento and Prestashop


If you prefer to have a stronger SEO in Google ranking, please choose our Advanced SEO package. Consult us at if you would like to have a better understanding of this package.